What are social media ?

It is a collection of interactive websites on the Internet among people all over the world, allowing them to communicate, make friends and exchange ideas and interests.
It is now through these sites that marketing is done for anything that you own and this method has a good profitable return, so you can buy, sell and market through it greatly.
Some social media:
Facebook: Facebook is the first site on social media sites on the Internet, with more than a billion users on this site.

Twitter: A site that allows its users to post small tweets of up to 280 characters.

Linkedin: It is a site where the user’s personal profile appears to be a detailed CV, and this site is used to apply to various functions.

YouTube: It is the largest video-viewing site on the Internet.

Instagram: Instagram is the largest social media website for posting and sharing photos between users.

Snapchat: It is a site that allows its users to post pictures or videos on their account for a short period of time, as it is deleted shortly after the user publishes it.

What are social media ?

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